About Us


At Boston Partners, our sole mission is to produce top-notch investment returns for our clients. We are first and foremost an investment organization run by investment professionals following a disciplined investment philosophy.

We have an investment-centric culture at Boston Partners, where investments drive the day-to-day rhythm of the business. It all starts with our people.  Of our 150 employees, 55 are investment professionals.  We have a flat management structure that empowers our analysts and portfolio managers to research and construct their investment recommendations and portfolios within a specific and well-defined set of investment principles.  Every team within our broader organization has a precise investment philosophy and process that places the highest importance on consistent execution.

We offer distinctive investment capabilities. Our core offering, value equities, is managed by the Boston Partners team, using an investment approach that was developed by the firm’s founders in the 1980’s. Our key investment professionals have worked together since the founding of Boston Partners in 1995 and years before at a prior firm, where the investment philosophy was established.

The team at WPG Partners specializes in small and micro cap investing and has worked together since 1999. Led by Richard Shuster and Greg Weiss, the team focuses on finding companies with strong returns on invested capital and good cash flow by visiting 600+ companies per year.

Redwood became part of Boston Partners in March 2014.  The team at Redwood has developed an absolute return strategy that seeks to combine fundamental security analysis with management of equity volatility to produce performance with stability.   The team has been managing the strategy since October 2011 which fits squarely into the firm’s liquid alternative capabilities.

While each division’s investment approach is separate and distinct, we share these common traits:

  • A well defined investment process that is highly analytical, consistent and repeatable
  • Cohesive teams that have worked together for many years
  • A focus on preservation of our clients’ capital



Organizational Structure as of September 30, 2017