Disaster Recovery Plan

Boston Partners Disaster Recovery Summary

As a fiduciary, Boston Partners takes seriously its obligation to protect client interests from being placed at risk as a result of its inability to provide advisory services due to a natural disaster or other events that may cause a prolonged business outage or interruption.  Boston Partners has developed a business continuity plan that is designed to ensure (i) protection of our employees; (ii) continuity and survival of Boston Partners business including but not limited to protection of client records and firm property, (iii) management control of risks and exposures, (iv) preventative measures where appropriate and (v) long-term recovery of systems and infrastructure.

To protect employees, Boston Partners:

  • Posts emergency procedure in its Boston and NY offices
  • Distributes an emergency procedures sheet to all employees
  • Maintains a website that provides access to emergency procedures
  • Uses a blast call system to notify employees of emergencies and status

To ensure continued operation of its business at all times Boston Partners has instituted certain measures as summarized below:

Disaster Recovery Sites: 

  • Boston Partners Boston office provides remote office employees with a number of seats equipped with workstations containing Boston Partners corporate PC image in cubes, offices and conference rooms and the ability to access Boston Partners core production and DR servers hosted in our data centers.
  • The DR location provides Boston Partners with 25 shared and 5 dedicated seats at a hot-site. The site is equipped with workstations containing Boston Partners corporate PC image and internet connectivity.

Electronic Backups

  • In data centers, the Firm backs up electronic records daily to local disk which is replicated to a second disk copy at the production data center. The Firm also uses a software tool to backup files to tape as well as to archive the month end backups to tape for 7 years.  Tapes are stored offsite.  All weekly full backups are stored on disk or tape for 6 months and all month end full backups are stored offsite on tape for 7 years.
  • The Boston Partners accounting system (Workbench) is managed off site. Workbench is accessible from a web browser using any internet connection and can be accessed from any of the Boston Partners offices, as well as from the DRC hot-sites.
  • Intraday data dumps occur for the Trading system to maintain an up-to-date replica of the trading environment at the alternate data center.
  • Critical file shares are replicated up to the minute to the alternate data center for DR purposes.
  • The Boston Partners e-mail environment in Boston is replicated up to the minute to the secondary data center for DR purposes and can be made available to users immediately via the internet.
  • The Boston Partners e-mail environment journals a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mail to a system in the data center. The system captures the e-mails and stores them in a non-erasable, searchable format for a period of 7 years.  The system is replicated up to the minute to the secondary data center for DR purposes.
  • The Boston Partners IM provider captures all incoming and outgoing instant messages to a daily text file and makes the file available to Boston Partners compliance for review.