Listen to David Cohen, portfolio manager for his perspectives on recent oil price volatility

Oil’s been in the headlines with week with prices turning negative for the first time in history and we thought we’d share our perspective on it with you. I happened to be watching CNBC on Monday as prices turned negative and the host was saying that the markets were broken. They’re actually not broken—they’re functioning perfectly.

March 2020 Boston Partners Market & Portfolio Update

With the emergence of COVID-19 disrupting personal and business activity, we wanted to share our assessment of things as it relates to the global equity markets.

Finding Alpha with Active Managers

Many investors are convinced that alpha has disappeared from U.S. equity markets and prefer to use passive investment tools such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) to broadly gain exposure to these markets. The problem with this approach is that it gives up any chance of outperformance and forces an investor to settle for benchmark returns minus fees.

BP Funds 2017 FINAL Cap Gain Distributions

BP Funds 2017 Estimated Capital Gain Distribution

Boston Partners’ Paul Korngiebel Published in Pensions & Investments

In September, Paul Korngiebel, lead portfolio manager on the Emerging Markets Long/Short Equity strategy, published a bylined article in Pensions & Investments, which highlights the value of a long/short strategy in the emerging markets. The article, “Emerging Markets Without the Volatility” explains why a long/short strategy in the emerging markets could be attractive to investors who otherwise could not handle the volatility of traditional, long-only emerging markets exposure.