Emerging Markets

In 2015, following over a decade of successful investing globally, Boston Partners expanded its product set to include emerging markets. Boston Partners’ emerging markets strategies utilize the same diversified value-oriented, research driven investment approach as all our time-proven strategies, in arguably the world’s most inefficient capital markets. Our experienced team pursues an analytical advantage through the marriage of bottom-up fundamental, quantitative, and risk analysis.

Boston Partners’ Emerging Markets strategies are designed to support strategic asset allocations with uncorrelated exposures that seek to produce compelling risk-adjusted performance and lower standard deviation versus the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Emerging Markets Equity is an active long only, diversified all cap portfolio with a value orientation. Emerging Markets Dynamic Equity employs additional alpha sources designed to capture the returns of the benchmark with lower beta and reduced volatility over time.

Beyond an analytical edge, Boston Partners has developed a sophisticated and robust operational infrastructure over the firm’s 25 year history to facilitate executing dynamic strategies across the globe.

Our Offerings

Total Strategy Mutual Fund Separate Account
Emerging Markets Dynamic Equity $187 M $71 M $115 M
Emerging Markets $25 M $25 M

* AUM ($ Millions) as of 6/30/2021

Our Approach

Our objective is to find the best combination of value and business fundamentals while taking a flexible approach to capitalization parameters and geographical focus, without specific regard to industry sectors, currencies, geographic regions or countries.

The investment process begins with quantitative scoring and screening of the investment universe to cull a target-rich subset that then undergoes intensive research by our analysts.

We cast our net wide, scoring thousands of stocks worldwide every week based on our criteria. After intensive fundamental research is undertaken and candidates are discussed by the firm’s investment professionals, final buy decisions are made by the portfolio manager.

The Three Circles

We buy stocks that exhibit:

  • Attractive value characteristics,
  • Strong business fundamentals, and,
  • Catalyst for change

We sell stocks based on:

  • Valuation: Appreciation to price target, or,
  • Weakening business fundamentals, or,
  • Reversal of catalyst

In our experience, portfolios with all three characteristics tend to outperform over time.