April 24, 2020 Articles
Listen to David Cohen, portfolio manager for his perspectives on recent oil price volatility

Oil’s been in the headlines with week with prices turning negative for the first time in history and we thought we’d share our perspective on it with you. I happened to be watching CNBC on Monday as prices turned negative and the host was saying that the markets were broken. They’re actually not broken—they’re functioning perfectly.

April 21, 2020 Articles
Boston Partners’ Brad Brezinski Published in

In April, Boston Partners’ Brad Brezinski, an equity product specialist, published a bylined article in The article, “Awaiting an Idling Value Cycle,” discusses the current market landscape and opportunities available to value investors who adhere to a consistent philosophy and process.

April 15, 2020 Articles
Josh Jones Op/Ed Looking at Concept Stocks Published in Investment Week

In early April, Boston Partners’ Josh Jones, a portfolio manager on Boston Partners Global Equity and International Equity strategies, published a bylined article in Investment Week. The op-ed explored the opportunity for liquid alts investors to find compelling short positions within the growing pool of concept stocks at the tail end of an extended cycle.

March 18, 2019 Articles
Boston Partners' Michael Mullaney Quoted in the Financial Times

The Financial Times recently spoke with Boston Partners’ Director of Global Markets Research, Michael Mullaney on the state of value investing.

November 09, 2018 Articles
Boston Partners’ Josh Jones Featured in IPE

Boston Partners Portfolio Manager Josh Jones published a contributed article in Investments & Pensions Europe (IPE) in November, exploring some of the distinguishing characteristics that speak to why variable long/short funds can differ so markedly from market-neutral strategies. While the differences are often overlooked during extended market expansions, the impact can be quite significant for investors who gravitate to long/short funds for stability during periods of uncertainty.

September 07, 2018 Articles
Boston Partners' Todd Hawthorne Published in Pensions & Investments

In the last week of August, Boston Partners’ Todd Hawthorne, the lead portfolio manager of the firm’s Redwood fund, published a bylined article in Pensions & Investments in which he highlighted how volatility-harvesting strategies can complement and enhance traditional fixed income allocations. The article, “Volatility Harvesting: The Great Diversifier,” noted that against a backdrop of rising inflation, correlations between equities and bonds tend to converge.

October 09, 2017 Articles
Boston Partners’ Mark Donovan Published in Fund Strategy

In September, Mark Donovan, co-chief executive officer and lead portfolio manager for Boston Partners’ Large Cap Value portfolios, authored a contributed article that appeared in Fund Strategy, a U.K.-based publication that caters to investment intermediaries. The article discusses the persistence of value strategies over time, even amid an era that has been defined by an accommodative monetary policy and inflated market valuations.

September 26, 2017 Articles Spotlight
Boston Partners’ Paul Korngiebel Published in Pensions & Investments

In September, Paul Korngiebel, lead portfolio manager on the Emerging Markets Long/Short Equity strategy, published a bylined article in Pensions & Investments, which highlights the value of a long/short strategy in the emerging markets. The article, “Emerging Markets Without the Volatility” explains why a long/short strategy in the emerging markets could be attractive to investors who otherwise could not handle the volatility of traditional, long-only emerging markets exposure.

January 27, 2017 Articles
Boston Partners’ Daniel Farren Published in P&I

In January, Boston Partners’ Daniel Farren published a contributed article in Pensions & Investments that highlights why diversification, borne out of rigorous analysis and high conviction, can yield returns in line with far more concentrated portfolios, though with lower risk and reduced volatility.

August 09, 2016 Articles
Performance of Boston Partners long/short strategy highlighted, Jay Feeney quoted, in Financial Advisor magazine article on Liquid Alts

Joseph (Jay) Feeney, Boston Partners Co-CEO and CIO, discussed the firm’s long/short strategy in a Financial Advisor article looking at liquid alternative funds. Feeney noted that Boston Partners has employed a long/short strategy since the late 1990s, years before liquid alts were considered a category.

October 16, 2015 Articles
P&I Features Portfolio Manager Todd Hawthorne of Boston Partners Redwood strategy

Todd Hawthorne, the Lead Portfolio Manager of Boston Partners’ Redwood strategy, in an article published by Pensions & Investments, discussed the recent re-introduction of volatility to the U.S. equities market, highlighting that while market fluctuations can wreak havoc on asset allocations, portfolio managers have at their disposal strategies that feed off of and benefit from the growing perception of risk.

February 24, 2015 Articles
P&I Features Article from Boston Partners’ Chris Hart

Boston Partners equity portfolio manager Christopher Hart provided commentary to Pensions & Investments through a contributed article that was published in the second week of February. The Article, “Europe Ripe for Active Strategies,” explored the appealing opportunity set that is developing for value-focused investors in the UK and Continental Europe.

February 24, 2015 Articles
Duilio Ramallo and Boston Partners All-Cap Value Fund Profiled in Barron’s

In early February, Barron’s profiled Boston Partners Portfolio Manager Duilio Ramallo and the Boston Partners All-Cap Value Fund. The article, “Steering Clear of the Bumps,” highlighted how Duilio and the investment team apply Boston Partners’ three-circle approach — seeking cheap stocks, solid fundamentals and positive business momentum — to provide an analytical edge while avoiding value traps.


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