US Value Equity

On August 20, 1987, founding partners of Boston Partners Asset Management outlined their thoughts about investing.  Now known within Boston Partners as “The Fundamental Truths,” the key principles that guide our investment approach were laid out as follows:


  1. What works is what beats market averages over long time periods
  2. Value works
  3. Momentum works
  4. Fundamental analysis must be grounded in value and momentum thinking
  5. Quantitative methods should be the starting point of fundamental analysis

For more than two decades*, the investment team at Boston Partners has utilized these fundamental truths to build portfolios that seek to produce attractive absolute returns that outpace market averages and rank at the top of industry peer groups.

Our Offerings

Total Strategy Mutual Fund Separate Account Offshore (UCITS)
Large Cap Value $30,946 $16,882 $11,413 $2,651
All Cap Value $13,604 $1,810 $5,155 $6,639
Mid Cap Value $28,983 $18,638 $8,792 $1,553
Small/Small II/Smid $6,190 $989 $5,201

* AUM ($ Millions) as of  6/30/2021

Our Approach

The source of our investment returns is security selection achieved through bottom-up fundamental research.  Additionally, quantitative analysis is utilized to guide the fundamental work.  When both are combined, they help uncover the three most important determinants of a successful equity investment:


  • The price paid for the business
  • The underlying strengths of the business
  • The direction, positive or negative, of current business conditions

We follow these “investment laws of physics” to build a diversified portfolio of stocks that, when properly constructed, has an increased probability of success.  For us, successful investing is executed at the margins where seemingly small gains can lead to long-term success.


* Key investment professionals have worked together since the founding of Boston Partners in 1995 and years before at a prior firm, where the investment philosophy was established.

The Three Circles

We buy stocks that exhibit:

  • Attractive value characteristics,
  • Strong business fundamentals, and,
  • Catalyst for change

We sell stocks based on:

  • Valuation: Appreciation to price target, or,
  • Weakening business fundamentals, or,
  • Reversal of catalyst

In our experience, portfolios with all three characteristics tend to outperform over time.