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Boston Partners’ Brad Brezinski Published in

In April, Boston Partners’ Brad Brezinski, an equity product specialist, published a bylined article in

The article, “Awaiting an Idling Value Cycle,” discusses the current market landscape and opportunities available to value investors who adhere to a consistent philosophy and process.

“As investors continue to absorb new developments related to the coronavirus pandemic or the government’s bailout efforts, the backdrop is shifting decidedly in favor of active management and, in particular, value strategies that can discern quality in an otherwise erratic and hard-to-read landscape,” Brezinski wrote. “The difference today, is that amid the passive winddown, the disparities between the best and worst candidates suddenly become appreciable to those who know where to look.”

The full article can be found online here.

Brad Brezinski is a product specialist and client portfolio manager at Boston Partners Global Investors Inc.

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