October 30, 2017 Spotlight
BP Funds 2017 FINAL Cap Gain Distributions

BP Funds 2017 Estimated Capital Gain Distribution

October 09, 2017 Articles
Boston Partners’ Mark Donovan Published in Fund Strategy

In September, Mark Donovan, co-chief executive officer and lead portfolio manager for Boston Partners’ Large Cap Value portfolios, authored a contributed article that appeared in Fund Strategy, a U.K.-based publication that caters to investment intermediaries. The article discusses the persistence of value strategies over time, even amid an era that has been defined by an accommodative monetary policy and inflated market valuations.

September 26, 2017 Articles Spotlight
Boston Partners’ Paul Korngiebel Published in Pensions & Investments

In September, Paul Korngiebel, lead portfolio manager on the Emerging Markets Long/Short Equity strategy, published a bylined article in Pensions & Investments, which highlights the value of a long/short strategy in the emerging markets. The article, “Emerging Markets Without the Volatility” explains why a long/short strategy in the emerging markets could be attractive to investors who otherwise could not handle the volatility of traditional, long-only emerging markets exposure.

January 27, 2017 Articles
Boston Partners’ Daniel Farren Published in P&I

In January, Boston Partners’ Daniel Farren published a contributed article in Pensions & Investments that highlights why diversification, borne out of rigorous analysis and high conviction, can yield returns in line with far more concentrated portfolios, though with lower risk and reduced volatility.

November 29, 2016 White Papers
Active Management: Revisiting the Publicized Merits of Concentrated Portfolio Construction

For the past few years, the passive versus active debate has been characterized as a pitched battle between two sides. Upon closer inspection, however, some might recognize that this ongoing argument is far more nuanced than it appears at first blush and actually involves multiple sides with somewhat vague allegiances.

September 09, 2016 White Papers
Active Alpha: Capturing Idiosyncratic Risk

A search on LexisNexis, scanning just the past 12 months, will return well over 3,000 news articles, all focused on the active-versus-passive debate that has come to define today's investment landscape. The arguments are all pretty much the same, with proponents of passive strategies keying in on the themes of lower costs and comparable performance, while those defending active strategies will underscore the value of a hands-on approach in a sideways or downward moving market.

August 09, 2016 Articles
Performance of Boston Partners long/short strategy highlighted, Jay Feeney quoted, in Financial Advisor magazine article on Liquid Alts

Joseph (Jay) Feeney, Boston Partners Co-CEO and CIO, discussed the firm’s long/short strategy in a Financial Advisor article looking at liquid alternative funds. Feeney noted that Boston Partners has employed a long/short strategy since the late 1990s, years before liquid alts were considered a category.

June 01, 2016 White Papers
Boston Partners Global Equity: Opening up the Opportunity Set

In 1992, Morningstar introduced the Style Box™, the now-pervasive nine-square grid that visually depicts the investment style of mutual funds. The goal of the Style Box™ is to aid institutional investors seeking to categorize strategies to meet specific asset-allocation targets.