Investment Perspectives

Take an in-depth look.

Avoiding classic value traps through a disciplined investment approach.

Value has outperformed in rising yield environments.

Investments in actively managed micro-cap value strategies have outperformed private equity (or “PE”) investments.

Since the oil-market collapse of 2014, investors in equities have been operating in a bear market environment.

Domestic capital expenditures create a catalyst for the small-cap value universe multi-year tailwinds.

A dynamic approach to EM equities may reduce volatility.

Non-U.S. value allocations require a more holistic approach.

Growth has outperformed value for the better part of the last decade. Will this mark the beginning of a shift in leadership?

Even after a five year run up in the U.S. equity markets, many investors still have ample memories of the financial crisis of 2008. Investors are uncertain of where to invest that will offer some protection against market volatility and also mitigate drawdown risk. As a result, “liquid alternatives” have seen tremendous asset flows.

The problem with a passive approach to U.S. equity markets.